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I will miss RSM! Thanks, Heather and Renee, for your thoughtful, informative, and often hilarious posts.

You'll be missed on this blog but enviromom is wonderful so I'll keep up with you there.

See you on enviromom, everyone!

Ok, I'll say it: I'm pouting and this close to a mini hissy fit. I will miss seeing you here!!! I've enjoyed reading your posts and trying to guess who wrote it just by the title. (I'm usually right!)
Well done, Ladies. Thanks for giving us a forum - always enlightening, occassionally surly and/or head-scratching and chocker-block full of humour.
You guys are just gonna have to be at SWCC same time I am. Looks like it's time for me to Go Green!

Heather and Renee,
I will miss the blogs! On the other hand, I understand the need for focus and (simplicity). Set some great goals for EnviroMom and let it soar.
Your Florida Pal,

WTF, not ok! Boo Hoo Hoo! See you at PPS! Hugs, Amber

Oh sad! But understandable and also commendable. Ending something is never an easy decision. I look fwd to continuing reading your posts on EnviroMom. Good luck to you two!

So sad!!!! But I understand the reasoning and commend you both for all the wonderful things you've done and are doing for the community.

Seriously? I literally just found this website LAST NIGHT and I was so excited. We moved to Portland five weeks ago and this website was going to be a way for me to discover Portland with our kids. Dang it!

I will definitely check out enviromom though! :)

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