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My letter to Cuddle Time:

First let me say that I am extremely disappointed in your sudden decision that our son is not a good fit for your group. I understand that as his father I have a biased opinion, but I do not believe he is outside the norm for most 2 year old boys. Yes, he has a lot of energy, is inquisitive, loves to climb and explore. No, he does not currently take naps as he sleeps 12 hours at night.

I understand that it would take some adjustment for him as well as for you and your group due to this, but forgive me if I'm wrong, isn't that part of the learning and growing process? Aren't children constantly forced to adapt and grow into new surroundings? Isn't your program designed to help them with their first school experience?

From my understanding, it sounds as if you want a child that is already pre-programmed to fit in. We are happy to work with Owen at home in order to have him be more receptive to naps. We were hoping that you would also be willing to work with him as well. However, you state that he would need too much attention and one on one interaction. Once again, I thought that this would probably be a normal situation whenever a new child his age comes into your fold.

However, beyond my frustration with your view that he would not initially fit in with your strict and ridged guidelines (which I am not judging as I do believe routine and rules are important to establish for children) is the fact that you had already accepted us into the school. Due to this, I have changed my work hours and my wife has altered her work schedule so that Owen could attend your pre-school.

Yet only a few days before his first day, we are informed that you don't think this will work, hence leaving us high and dry for options? And the reason is that our son would require too much one on one attention initially?

I will say that this is extremely unprofessional. When we initially met we explicitly told you that Owen did not take naps. You were able to observe him during the 1 1/2 hours we spent at your facility. Yet there was no mention that these issues would be cause for him not working out.

It is somewhat interesting that when I last spoke to you, it was mentioned that you had almost given our spot to some of your current students / parents that were looking to take up those vacancies. I have to wonder if your decision is based off of the fact that you would prefer to have a child that is already familiar with your guidelines, which would make your job easier.

Obviously I am hurt that you don't think my son is a perfect fit for your school. That comes from being a parent, who loves and wants nothing but the best for his son. However I am also extremely frustrated that he wasn't given a chance and that you weren't willing to provide him with some extra attention and effort during this transition. I guess this is how things work. Children often get left behind and in this day and age are not afforded an opportunity. It is upsetting that at the age of 2 he is already experiencing this from you and your facility.

It is not like he is a special needs child. He is a typical, rambunctious 2 year old that just needs a little more attention initially. He is an extremely intelligent child and picks up on things quickly. He isn't even 2 1/2 yet, so many of the rules and guidelines (not walking on the grass if it is wet, not swinging on the indoor swing, not dumping out toys in order to play with them, laying down to nap for 2 hours) are still foreign concepts to him. It isn't that he would be unwilling to adapt, he is just unfamiliar with these ideas.

Yet after our initial meeting, I had honestly thought that these new concepts were things you would be working with him on. I had thought that this was something he would have been provided at your preschool. That there would be nurturing and teaching.

To be honest, we were extremely impressed by your facility which may have caused us to overlook other concerns regarding your demands on the children. However, as new parents we are realizing that we need to trust our instincts and should have realized earlier that it might not be a good fit for us.

I am relieved to know how your operation works from the get go and that I will not be investing my time, money, or hopes for my son with you.

I will certainly reflect my disappointment in my online reviews of your establishment: this is not a threat, just the reality of business in today's online world. It is important that other parents be made aware of your strict policies, your unwillingness to provide extra time and attention to those who need it, and expectations that children be pre-programmed to fit in with your rules.

I will also say that you will be the ones that will be missing out, as Owen is an amazing child. He is filled with compassion, wonderment and intelligence. He is truly a loving and caring little person and deserve to be in a situation where he is wanted.

Kerry Walsh

Twistedlister –

My granddaughter attended Cuddle Time from the age of one until she went into kindergarten. During that time I had the pleasure to be pretty involved with Cuddle Time and came to know the people and the operation very well.

Over the years many people applied for placement of their child. Not all were successful. Sometimes it was due the behavior of the child, sometimes the behavior of the parents. I even saw a couple of times where children were forced to leave the program because of parental behavior. It was effective too since in both cases the parents cleaned up thier act in order to get the child back in the program.

From my point of view in every case the actions taken were based on the best effect for the kids enrolled in Cuddle Time.

Based solely on your rather rambling and defensive posting I suspect that you may have played a part in Cheryl’s decision.

Cheryl has many years dealing with many, many children and has helped most develop through their early childhood through providing positive and high caliber care. She is not simply a babysitter, she becomes friends with the kids and the parents. No offense “Twistedlister”, but she is WAY more qualified to determine what is best for the other kids she has taken responsibility for.

I would urge you to spend less time trying hurt someone for turning you down by posting this diddle to all of the review pages, and more time on developing a mature approach to parenthood.

To anyone reading these “reviews” I would encourage you to simply see this posting for what it is - a parent who is ticked off for being turned down.

Kerry Walsh

M. Nelson

Childcare is a tough choice for anyone, the right hours, close to home and of course quality care. I have had the pleasure of taking my child to Cuddletime for almost two years and during that time it has exceeded all of our expectations.When it came time to choose a facility we were extremely picky as any parents would be, but when you know, you know, and we knew this was a great place from our first interaction and continue to be impressed. Cheryl and staff are wonderful and are more like family at this point. They great with the children, whether its a walk to the park, or a Saturday holiday party with a visit from Santa for all the families, Cuddletime does it right! They have a wide variety of activities for the children to keep them engaged and constantly learning, an amazing set up, unlike any other in-home facility with great indoor and outdoor areas for the children to play, animals and much, much more. My three year old LOVES it there. I can not say enough positive things about this place and would highly recommend it!

Ann W.

Our 3 year-old has been attending Cuddle Time Preschool this year and is thriving. Each staff member communicates clearly with me and my spouse, is warmly attentive to the children, and provides positive instruction, gentle nurture and safe boundaries. The educational environment and facilities of Cuddle Time reinforce a culture that is vibrant, engaging and inviting. Our child has been thoroughly embraced and is gaining confidence, interpersonal skills and having an outright great time every day. We are grateful for all the ways our child has been supported at Cuddle Time Preschool and is developing what we hope will be an enduring love of school. I highly recommend this exceptional program.

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K. Johnson

Our son has been attending Cuddle Time for about 5 months now and we could not be happier. When he started he was just 18months old and the youngest of the children; he had also only been watched by family up to that point. I had some concerns about this and his ability to be actively involved with the older children but all of those concerns washed away very quickly. I have watched him grow and develop in ways that I never expected. The entire staff at Cuddle Time truly cares for each child as though he or she were their own. They provide a plethora of activities that are both educational and fun through out the day. Every time either my husband or myself go to pick up our son he never wants to leave. There is nothing more than that, that I could ask for as a parent. Our expectations have been exceeded!

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