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We have an immediate opening in our senior class (must have been 4 by Sept. 2007), which attends Mon/Wed/Fri from 9am-Noon, with an optional lunch hour on Wednesdays until 1pm. Parents assist in the classroom 1-2 times per month. Please visit our Web site and email or call to schedule a tour: or 503-244-0689.

Darcie A.

I really appreciated the diversity and multiculturalism Mrs. Moore introduced the children to at Burlingame Cooperative Preschool. My grade schooler (Gabrielle) mentions something she learned/experienced in preschool every week! Burlingame Cooperative Preschool really made a lasting impression on her and we can't wait to send little brother to preschool there as well.

Lenore Z.

I believe Burlingame Cooperative Preschool gave my child the best possible introduction to the world outside our family. Its emphasis on free play and positive social interaction, its cheery environment, and the caring staff, all combined to create a very positive experience that continues to be a touchstone for my daughter.

summer playdates at BCP

We will be hosting summer playdates weekly, alternately at the preschool and a local public park to make new friends and get ready for preschool's start in the fall. Should you wish to tour, we could arrange for a tour at one of the playdates held at the school. The playdates are listed on our homepage's right sidebar under upcoming events:

We celebrate 50 years of preschool excellence this year and hope to meet you soon!

Carol M.

We joined Burlingame last fall when my son was 3 and we were new to Portland. BCP has been a great experience for our entire family. Our son loves his teacher, Mrs. Moore, and has made lots of new friends. My husband and I have enjoyed being involved in Luke's first school experience and have also made new friends with the other parents.


My daughter is enrolled at Burlingame Coop. There is a great sense of community between parents, and the teacher is honestly one of the best I've seen.

I did a lot of research on preschools in the SW area, and this one exceeded all of my criteria. Most important - my child gets a lot of individual attention not available in larger schools, and she is also leaning how to cooperate in a group setting. This is great for kindy prep.

The parent helping is just the right amount - enough so that I feel really involved in my child's education but not so much that I don't have time for my other child and work.

Jarrod P.

We recently moved to Portland and were very excited when we learned about Burlingame Coop. Our daughter loves the school, her friends, and her teacher. She is eager to go to school each morning and it makes my wife and I happy to see her so respond so positively.


My daughter attended Burlingame Coop and now my son is there as well. It has been just what we needed in a preschool - very nurturing and a rich learning environment. I love the creativity that Mrs. Moore, the head teacher, brings to the classroom. I also appreciate her many years of experience and how she helps the children develop their social skills. She has been such a special person for my kids. Joining the coop has been a rewarding experience for me too as I've made some great friends there. I enjoy the sense of community and getting to know the other families that are involved.

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I regret seeing this advertisement only now. I have already enrolled my daughter in a preschool program operated by my friend's friend. Without the recommendation of my friend, I probably wouldn't enroll my daughter there. After her hours in the school she enrolled in finishes, I will have her try this burlingame coop. When will you have your next opening? Can I reserve this early? Thank you!

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