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I must start by saying that I, too, have had this "condition" since 2002. I wouldn't call it momnesia though. I am just a freakin idiot since the kids were born. At times I can barely complete a sentence without some sort of mistake in it. I believe that tonight I asked E to please put his curtains in the sink. Almost daily I ask S to kindly get into the tub when I really mean car. The sad part is that the children correct me, rolling their eyes and move on to the next thing. So it is obvious to me that I do this sort of thing often. I also find myself virtually unable to follow adult conversation. I am sure that people may think I am rude, but it is just so terribly embarrassing that I am starting to avoid all contact with intelligent adults. Does anyone remember that episode of Seinfeld when Elaine stops having sex and turns into a complete moron and is easily entertained by the most juvenile things. That's me.

Lilah, I do that, too. It's like my mouth is running, but there is no connection to my brain. I always say things to the kids and they look at me, like "huh?" I attribute it to major multi-tasking. I think my mind is constantly adrift, thinking of something I need to be doing, instead of focusing on what I should be doing at that very moment!

Once I was at the bank and couldn't remember the date. I asked the teller. He laughed and told me, "It's the 16th." I was so embarrased when I then had to ask him what month it was. I just couldn't remember. Now I keep a perpetual calendar on my desk at home.

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