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I just recently weaned my two year old and it took about three months for my milk to dry up and for my hormones to return to normal levels. My naturopath suggested taking vitamin C because it naturally dries up your milk. I had a collostrum like consistency for a long time before it went away. I would say don't worry and that it will eventually go away. In the meantime be grateful for your "full" breasts. Mine look like deflated pastry bags- so sad and so small- but much easier to run with!

I only had one and I could actually express some kind of a fluid for close to 2 years after I was done nursing! I found out it's normal; a little weird to me, but normal. Maybe it's our bodies just waiting to see if there will be another baby in the works? Amazing.

A friend of mine had a hormonal problem that caused her to have milk a couple of years after she was done breastfeeding-I would ask your doctor when you next see her.

Our daughter weaned 7 months ago and I'm still a little 'milky.' I notice it sometimes in the shower, and I actully expressed enough to put a few drops in her eye to clear up an eye infection a couple of weeks ago.

I was actually waiting for my milk to dry up completely so I could get my first baseline mammogram. After two years, I still had the colostrum-type drops, so I asked my doctor about it. She said that was totally normal and that it didn't mean the milk glands were still active, it just took a while to go away completely. I got my mammogram, and from the internal pictures, it was clear that everything was totally back to normal on the inside.

I know this is a common thing, and I'm glad KarenP got her mammogram anyway and that it came back normal.

Our breasts are such active parts of our bodies. They don't just shut off, and they keep responding to our hormone changes.

Recently, though, a year after my daughter weaned herself (after two years of bf), I felt a let-down feeling and was able to express some milk. It alarmed me and my doctor enough that I cut the prescription I was taking in half. So Keely might make sure she isn't taking a medicine that might contribute to this.

Also, I was really sad when I was nursing to have to stay away from parsley because it also helps dry up milk. Maybe Keely would enjoy a big tabouli salad?

Wow! I wish I would have know about parsley when I was weaning my second!! After two years of BF, I was painfully engorged!! White cabbage was my saving grace, but I would have eaten parsley by the pound had I known!! Thanks for that great info.

I have a nine month old baby boy, he has about six teeth and has been biting me while breastfeeding, the last time he bit me I started to bleed and cry, because it hurt so bad. So I decided to stop breast feeding. Since I stopped somewhat all of a sudden I became very engorged and uncomfortable for two days. Then because I was so miserable I started pumping the milk out and nursing again. The next day my breasts seemed as if there was no milk in them, they were three times smaller and when I went to pump nothing came out. Today, now three day later, I am engorged again and starting to become miserable. I guess I'm just unsure what to do and when will the milk and engorgement go away? My baby is now on formula and loving it, so I don't plan on nursing him anymore.

Eat lots of parsley. Wrap your breasts with green cabbage. Yes, weird but it feels really good and helps the milk supply decrease. After about a week, you should be past the worst of it. Also, if you are OK with ibuprofen, it'll help the pain and decrease swelling. Good luck!!

I have stopped nursing my baby for eight months now. I have a creamy color. They hurt so bad that I just want to cry and I have a hard time sleeping. What can I do so I can sleep better at nights?

Marybeth - if you are still in pain 8 months after stopping, call your doctor. That doesn't sound right. Perhaps you have mastitis?

Marybeth? How are you doing? Recently spoke with a mom at our preschool who is a lactation consultant. She said you should speak with a lactation specialist vs. doctor, as some OB/docs don't really know that much about BF'ing. Hope you are feeling better!!

I had my second child in September 2005 and stopped bfing her when she was about 4 months old or so, but I am still producing colostrum. After having my daughter that year I did suffer from postpartum for a bit, but never told my doctor. I also started having pretty bad mood swings over the past few years. Could this all be from having my daughter or hormones? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I plan on talking to my doctor, but my appointment is still a few weeks away. Thanks!

Hilary- Ask your doctor for a hormone panel. It is a blood test that measures your hormone levels. If you don't feel like yourself, it's most likely hormones and a test could help you and your doctor determine how to get your hormones where they need to be. Dr Kenneth Rifkin helped me get my hormones back on track with some herbs. His bedside manner is a little rough for a naturopath, but he knows what he's talking about. Good Luck!

My son is 18 months old and I have been slowly weaning him for a while now latley he has only nursed at night to go to sleep, it's been 2 and a half days sinced I've nursed but my left breast is engorged and very sore the right not so much, so even though I've slowly been weaning him it will still take that long to dry up?

Hi Katie - I'd say it really depends on your supply. The slow weaning is probably the best approach, but the thing is an 18-month old is more efficient at getting milk out than any breast pump -- so the engorgement may last a few more days. Take ibuprofen, use the white cabbage leaves -- call a lactation consultant or your OB/GYN if you are in extreme pain. You don't want to get mastitis!!

I am so glad I found this website! I called my obgyn today and she asked me to come in tomorrow because it has been almost a year and a half since I stopped breast feeding my daughter~ and to my surprise I am still producing milk! I was absolutely shocked and unaware of that and that this was still occuring. I asked some close fellow mothers whom have bf and they acted as if I was crazy! Their only response was that I was pregnant... I took the test today and it was negative. From reading the posted comments I am assuming some sort of hormonal inbalance. But thanks for the reassurance that I am not the only "milk goddess" out there! (Thats what the lactation consultant called me when I delivered back in 2006!) Hopefully, we can clear up this dilemma at my obgyn appt. tomorrow.

My daughter is 3 years old and I haven't breastfed her since she was just shy of a year old. When I shower is when I mostly notice it, but if I try to express, it will come out pretty much any time. I've pretty much accepted is as being a possible side effect after breastfeeding 2 children, but after reading your posts, I think I may want to check with my ob. Krisy, I'm curious as to what your doctor told you last month...if you could repost that would be great!



My daughter is 19 mths. I stoppped bf'ing about 5 mths ago. I've been able to express a very small amount of breast milk the whole 5 mths. I recently started feeling like I'm having let down and now I can express more than usual. To add a little other fact... I'm also late. Is it possible that this is another sign I could be pregnant?

Amanda - you should probably take a pregnancy test and/or call your doctor or a lactation consultant. Curious why you are still expressing if you stopped? I would think the act of expressing will keep the milk flowing which seems contradictory to your actions. I only recall the colostrum forming during pregnancy, but not sure what would happen if you were still expressing. Please contact your health care providers.

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