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My coffee just came out my nose. Thank you.

This is fantastic! Sums it all up. I just saw another one of his called "Spoiled Bumblebee" which deserves a look-see as well. Hysterical!

Wow. that was great. did he mention how they always say "i have to go potty... with you" right in the middle of dinner? i think he's my hero. who would have guessed that pachelbel's canon could be so peppy?

This brought tears to my eyes..lol

this is so great....makes our bedtime feel almost normal!

This couldn't be more my life! Thanks for the laugh! Off to change a diaper!

A friend emailed me the link to your blog and I've added a link to my blog--this is priceless! Thanks for sharing!

This is so my life! Thanks for sharing.

This is the song that I walked down the aisle to...what a different meaning to song from then to now...AWESOME!!! I love it...so true!

Scotch and newspaper in hand, 4:00 pm, and a tearful wish that I could feel, again, that warm body cuddled next to me in bed. Count it crazy now, but when you have a newspaper in hand at 4:00 pm, you too will remember with tears. Count the moments! Wistful Grandma.

You should sell your song to Adam Sandler

I'm so glad that so many people have enjoyed this video! But, I merely posted it here. I don't know the guy -- just think he's brilliant! You can use the direct link in my post to leave him kudos.

that is so great!! I love it! Hilarious! I feel better that everyone goes through the same thing!!

I love this!! Made my day!! Truly a genius.

How! How! Little Jewel Face and Skull Rock. Bless this man for capturing the essence of parenthood. Amazing how we can love someone so deeply who also has the capacity to aggravate to the nth degree!

Brought tears to my eyes as; this is one of the TRUE JOYS of parenthood!

OMG that's beautiful and hilarious at the same time! What a wonderful summation of parenthood!

LOL, that was the song I walked down aisle in too!! Definately a different viewpoint now!!

OMG! That was classic! Thanks.

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