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Hooo boy, you did it! Thanks so much, this is great! The most helpful thing is all of the links to the websites. I'm telling everyone I know!

Thank you, thank you! I hadn't even heard of some of these.

When is it Beaverton's turn? :-)

I'm sure this takes a long time to assemble, so I'll just wait patiently!

Great list...but you left out a wonderful school run by two former play therapists from Shriner's Children's Hospital. It's called Blooming Garden, located on SE 39th and SE Steele in the Trinity United Methodist Church. The teacher's are fabulous!


Anyone know of a good school farther out? Like around 122/Foster area? Specifically looking for school friends that will be going to Gilbert Park in 2 years.

There is also Tumbleweed Infant House. The preschool program is taught by a certified Montessori teacher. It's wonderful - home based, so small classes, but also has two teachers in addition to the director so no worries about teacher breaks, etc. Located in the SE.


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